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You are awesome ... let it show on your own personal sport page

You are awesome in your own way. You are unique, you enjoy the game, you enjoy sports. It is about time to get your own personal sport space. For you and everyone who is interested on your achievements. Shoot 'n' tell!

Build your personal profile

Build your personal profile

Optional addition of your body measurements and personal data that define your personal sport profile. In any case, you have the full control of publishing or not your profile at any time.

Register your sport career

Register your sport career records using a step-by-step wizard that will guide you in an easy and comprehensive way. Record each entry of your career by defining the period, the club, the sport, the role you had, the tournaments your participated and much more.

Register your sport career

Multiple presentation views of your career

You provide once your career records and they appear in many different presentation layouts organised by club, by role and by time (timeline).

Multiple presentation views of your career

You are on the sport map, let them discover you

The details of your profile and sport career are the base of our discovery tools that assist people and clubs to find you.

You are on the sport map, let them discover you

More features for individuals coming soon

Network building

You can connect with people and clubs in order to receive their updates and news.

Match center

Register each match you play and keep score of your statistics and achievements in a structured and organised manner.

Activity calendar

Manage your calendar of activities regarding matches, training, club activities etc.

More features ...

... will be added gradually, stay tuned to find out. Until then you can get you personal invitation to join the service.

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Coming soon

Coming soon is a web service that enables you to manage all the phases of a sport tournament

call of interest

initiation and planning


online registration of teams and athletes

competition phase

closure is a web service that enables you to manage functions and processes

web space of the tournament

online collaboration of the participants

management of volunteers, referees, staff

task list management

procurement management